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Cantine Cadeaux

Cantine Cadeaux

The best allowance for those who apperceive their own minds.

Not abiding absolutely what your ancestors and accompany would love? Accord them a allowance card, and let them get aloof what they want…with no waiting. Cantine Française allowance cards can be acclimated to acquirement any product. Accessible in $50 and $100 denominations. 

Terms and Conditions: Promo codes cannot be acclimated to acquirement allowance cards. You may, however, use both a promo code and a allowance agenda to acquirement items from Cantine Française. Sales tax will be activated to allowance agenda purchases area applicable. Cantine Française will not be amenable for absent or baseborn allowance cards. Cantine Française Allowance cards are nonrefundable and cannot be transferred, exchanged or resold and cannot be adored for cash.